Cassandra Urgl – 1685719 – Web Geohazard Assignment

The aim of this webpage is to provide information on a specific geohazard in Adelaide, and to determine the probability of this risk occurring in the future. A geohazard is the term for a geological state which has the potential to create extensive destruction. Geohazards typically include tectonic issues, such as earthquakes and volcanoes, naturally-occurring processes such as avalanches and mud flows, or other matters which are human-induced, such as drilling for oil. Therefore, it is advised that individuals who work in industries involving the geological environment, such as construction or mining, ought to be mindful of the dangers and how to avoid them. I have chosen to base this web page on the Para Fault line, focusing on the geohazard of earthquakes. Please use the above navigation bars to access this information profile on one of Adelaide’s geohazards.